Taylor Swift not ready for marriage

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Taylor Swift has made a living off of writing cute love songs, but when it comes to her own life, she seems really confused about relationships.

Taylor, who has previously dated Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner, admits that she's not sure marriage is for everyone and is ruling out the concept for the time being.

She said: "I've seen marriages be really great, and I've seen them be not so great. I've seen that people have to really work through love and fight for it, and I've been in relationships where you have to fight for it. And is it worth it?

“I don't think that love can possibly be easy all the time, in fact, most of the time it's going to be hard. I think it's important to try to find someone who's going to tell you, 'This is worth it,' when you're scared, and tell you, 'I'm never leaving you,' when you're doubting it. I think that's the most important thing."

Taylor is such a sweet girl and any guy would be lucky to date her, but she needs to stop dating these teenie boppers and go on a date with a real man for a change. Who would you love to see Taylor date?