Talk about drastic actions!


Talk about radical actions! A call from Paul Buchanan who was once the head for Operation Pride programme has been made for the physical tearing down of communities like Tivoli Gardens, Arnett Gardens and Spanish Town.

It is so bad that he doesn’t see any other way of transforming those places into livable communities than getting rid of them totally.

Hmm, we would just like to say that there is nothing wrong with any given place it’s just the people living there. They could be transformed into ordinary residential areas and criminal activities would still be going on.

The solution is for government to take some serious steps in dismantling the garrison, get rid of the favouritism that sees some community escaping paying bills and getting preferred treatment. Stop petting criminals and for everyone to stop washing the bloody clothes and hiding their brothers, friends, man, son etc.

When residents stop hiding criminals and coming out rigorously against them, then there will be no need to tear down anywhere.