Rihanna’s Verbally Abusive E-Mails To Chris Brown REVEALED!


We always told you to give the youth a chance. Everyone coming down on him like he is a super monster. Well check out this scoop from Mediatakeout.com and maybe you will get some understanding where he was coming from. Note we are still not condoning violence…just for you to have a little more understanding.

Private e-mails between Rihanna and Chris Brown have surfaced.

In November 2009, nine months after Rihanna’s infamous beating, she appeared on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer and gave an interview in an attempt to clear her name of any blame for her and Chris’ abusive relationship.

However, people have always had their doubts. Many believe Rihanna was equally abusive, at least verbally, prompting Chris’ disturbing reaction.

Now, MediaTakeout has obtained photos of Rihanna’s e-mail account (allegedly) from just 3 months before the incident.

It seems Chris wasn’t responding to Rihanna’s phone calls, so she sent him a nasty note.

(Note: Robyn Fenty is Rihanna’s real name. You will also see e-mails to and from Mariel Haenn, Rihanna’s well-known stylist.)