Rihanna to marry?

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Rihanna and her boyfriend Matt Kemp have only been dating for eight months, but the marriage rumors have already begun.
Sources close to Matt are telling Us Weekly that the L.A. Dodger is ready to pop the question.

"They are in love," says a source. "Seeing them interact, it's definitely possible he could propose -- but it'd have to be a long engagement, because they're both so focused on their careers."
The two have such busy lives that they barely see each other, so what makes their relationship work?

"He centers her, as he has a more normal life," a pal close to Rihanna says. "He allows her space, but they text and talk all the time. And they really have fun like kids when they're together. They like to laugh and be silly."

Rihanna is only 22 years old and at the peak of her career. It's probably a little too soon for her to think about marriage.