PNPYO to hold vigil calling for PM’s resignation

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The PNP Youth Organization is calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Bruce Golding and will hold a candlelight vigil this evening .

The vexed issue of the Manatt, Phelps and Phillips affair which continues to haunt the JLP administration is the reason for the group’s demand that Mr Golding should no longer be allowed to lead the country.

Just last week, another chapter in the saga was written as attorney Harold Brady reportedly indicated that the Jamaican Government had entered a deal with the US law-firm Manatt to lobby against the extradition request for alleged crime lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Mr Brady reportedly made the claim in a letter which forms part of an affidavit in a lawsuit filed against Mr Golding claiming damages for libel arising from statements made by the Prime Minister.

Mr Golding has insisted that the Manatt deal was a Jamaica Labour Party initiative.

On September 14, he told reporters that Mr Brady disobeyed his instructions when he led Manatt to believe that it was representing the Government of Jamaica instead of the JLP.

As a result, Mr Golding said Mr Brady was asked to resign from all state boards and that he was no longer a member of the JLP.

Mr Brady swiftly rejected those claims saying he was still a member of the JLP and that he was never asked to step down from any public board.