Pastor Paul Lewis flung back in jail

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The new Bail Act has apparently stung renowned televangelist Dr. Paul Lewis, as he was remanded on Wednesday evening; mere hours after he was granted bail in the Savanna-la-Mar Resident Magistrate’s Court in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

This reversal occurred after the prosecution - represented by deputy director of public prosecution (DPP) Dirk Harrison - made an out-of-court appeal that caught the Lewis’ defense team off guard.

Defense attorney Keith Bishop had originally secured bail in the sum of $300,000 before Resident Magistrate Collymore Gordon on the new charges of perversion of the course of justice.

Section 3A of the new Bail Act states that: “where the prosecution intends to appeal the decision to grant bail to a defendant, the prosecution at the conclusion of the proceedings in which the decision was communicated and before the release from the custody of the defendant, give oral notice to the Court of that intention”.

Under the new Bail Act, the Office of the DPP is allowed to make such a request. He also said that the relevant documents had been filed in the Court of Appeal.

New charges were levelled against Dr. Lewis on Wednesday in light of allegations that the pastor paid and arranged to have Nadine Fray – a colleague – coach the girls on what to say in court.