Man killed at murder scene being processed by cops


Three shootings including one at a crime scene that was being processed by the officers from the Savanna-La-Mar Police Station in Westmoreland Monday morning, has sparked a major increase in police operations in that town.

The melee began about 10:30 in the morning when a gunman shot dead Glendon Barrett, 27, a painter of Russia along the busy Great George's Street in the parish capital.

About an hour later, gunmen opened fire at the crowd gathered to watch the police processing that crime scene.
Mark Duhaney, 30, a higgler of Savanna-la-Mar, who was one of the onlookers, was hit
This sent both the crowd and cops at the scene scampering for cover.
About two hours later; the police received reports of a third shooting not far the first two scenes.

That man has since been hospitalized in serious condition.
According to Superintendent Delzeita Taylor, Head of the Westmorland Police, Mr. Duhaney's Killing is believed to have stemmed from him witnessing the first killing.

She says Damian Hart also known as "Monkey Man", one of three men wanted in connection with Mr. Barrett's killing, has since surrendered to the police who are also seeking Troy McIntosh who is also known as "Idonia" and Duane Drummond otherwise called "Bow Wow".
The police are asking them to turn themselves in.
A man known as Joseph Williams was also held in connection with Barrett's killing.