Lady Saw chosen as Caribbean spokesperson in new ad campaign

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Dancehall’s favourite diva, Marion ‘Lady Saw’ Hall, has signed on as the Caribbean spokesperson for a dynamic new advertising campaign for a major international brand.

“I can’t talk much about it now .. but it’s something really positive. I really wish I could say more,” she said with an impish smile and sounding very excited.

She did reveal, however, that the ad is being shot in the Big Apple.
Meanwhile, Lady Saw is getting ready to release the second single from her recently released album, My Way, which is on her very own Divas Records imprint along with Toasting Music/Universal.

“I did a few collaborations on the album, and we have chosen the song with me and US rapper Eve as the next single. The song is called He’s At My House and it’s a ladies’ anthem. I think fans will love it,” she said.

The synergy between Lady Saw and Eve on this track is evident the in-your-face posture on the single is reminiscent of Saw’s “I’ve got your man and you can’t do anything about it” declaration on her previous album.

He’s At My House is produced by Lady Saw and Lloyd ‘John John’ James.
The first single off the album was her self-produced single, Party Till December, a club banger which has been receiving increasing airplay on radio and in the dancehall.

According to Lady Saw’s management team, the sales for My Way have remained steady since its release during the first week of September. The album is available on iTunes and