Khago - Keeping it real

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Fast rising artiste Khago has been busy making a name for himself on the music scene. With his hard hitting social commentaries and songs that tell it like it is, the cultural deejay is ready to mark his name amongst the best of the best.

As much as he is now embraced as a cultural artiste, it has not always been this way for him. He will be the first to tell you that when he just started out, he wasn’t so particular on what he recorded. Well, to be honest, he never really took music that seriously.

According to Khago, with age comes maturity and with it comes the realization that music can’t be just about putting anything out there.

"The more you grow up, you become more responsible,", adding that this maturity has now seen him embracing the positive side of the music.

For Khago, it's all about appealing to the masses. He says doing conscious music is the best thing.

"It doesn't make sense doing it for one set in the matches box. Music is a global thing. I sing music for the white collar and the barefoot man; it must be balanced. I'm doing music to uplift Jamaica and the world itself," he pointed out.

Born Ricardo Gayle, ‘Chicago' also popularly known as 'Cago or Khago' is no stranger to the local music scene. In 2006 he placed third in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commissions' annual Popular Song Contest with his entry "only if you know" with which he also won best video. He re-entered the contest in 2007 with a song entitled 'Been There'; the song is a very mellow lovers rock which expresses his emotions of gratitude and abundant love for a significant other who has stayed by his side through difficulties and while facing severe adversity.

The song received very favorable rotation on radio stations in Jamaica and the video has also been received a lot of attention. He has consistently been one of the crowd favorites at all the JCDC road shows and is greatly admired by the young people (especially the ladies) for all his performances he has delivered during the school tours organized by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

At the end of the competition he placed 2nd in the contest with the single "been there”, produced by himself and Dillon Reid, but has not considered it as a loss but as a growing process. He has since then been focusing on taking his career to the next step as a professional recording artist bent on delivering uplifting and entertaining music to the world.

Khago is presently enjoying a big buzz on the scene with the red hot single Nah Sell Out.