Juss Ice coming with some cool vibes By Joan Wilson

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He has not made his name big in the music biz yet, but he is one determined artiste who is sure it is only a matter of time before his big break comes.

Born Michael Lewis and performing under the moniker Juss Ice, he is sure that with the right kind of songs and attitude, he will impact the way he wants to.

Hailing from Kingston, Juss Ice spent his growing up year between Kingston and Brown’s Town in St Ann.

The music bug hit him when he was 10 years old, that love continued to grow and saw him doing his first recording at Jeremy Harding’s studio.
At times it seemed that Juss Ice’s dream was an elusive thing, but he told Yardflex “I never gave up, I was always pushing forward through the roughest and toughest times.”
Things has started looking up for the singjay with the release of his songs TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) on the Top Notch label; Get hype on ZJ Chrome’s Kingston Town riddim and he has also done a single and a video for My First Real Love single on the Kapachi label.

As far as the singjay is concerned things are definitely looking up where his career is concerned.

“Well I’m always working on my music day in and day out,” he said indicating that upward mobility will also be his focus.

When it comes to his recordings Juss Ice says it’s all about performing songs that make him happy.

“I love all music from it sound good it good! Jamaica has always been a place to love music of all types but one thing for sure all my music has a Jamaican Influence,” he said as he told Yardflex about the kind of songs he records.

Inspiration for Juss Ice comes in many forms, but he admits to his main influence coming from life itself – its ups and downs but as he says, “to me I find the best time to write a song is when you just fall in love or just breaking up that’s when your emotions are easy to understand after all I write how I feel,” he shared.
Since his emergence on the scene Juss Ice has performed on several top shows including Sumfest 2004 Intl night, he has also made his presence felt on the international scene in places such as London, Canada, Florida.

Talking about the music scene right now, Juss Ice told Yardflex “We are having a musical evolution it’s no longer just dancehall and reggae to be found on our island. We have a huge Rap, Pop and Alternative scene building by the minute but apart from that I have also noticed that the problem makers in music have been replaced by the problem solvers. It’s almost as if the Jamaican people are tired of all the violence and negative vibes in the music so all Jamaican music lovers listen out for the change hits we making,” is the promise given by Juss Ice.

Looking ahead, the artiste hopes that in another five years he will be just where he is working towards “I hope to accomplish value and recognition. We working to be a corporation not just putting Jamaica on the map again, for me Juss Ice to play a major part in the future on Jamaican music.”

The parting words were aimed at upcoming artistes “Love cause if you love what you do you won’t have to work a day in your life. At least it won’t feel like work and also come with a positive outlook.