Jamaica's murder toll continues to trend down, according to police blotters

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Information released by the police show that the crime rate is trending down.

Between January 1 and September 30 this year, 1,065 murders were recorded, 135 fewer than to the same period last year. In 2008, the total recorded over the same period was 1,241.

The statistics show a 42 per cent dip in murders for the month of September, which saw 77 murders — including that of four children, two women and two cops — being committed in comparison to 132 in September 2009. This is the first time since July 2002 that the monthly tally has dipped below 80.

The gun was the most-used weapon. Fifty-seven persons were shot to death, 12 were killed by knives and three were chopped to death; while five murders were committed with implements listed as 'other'. There were also two drive-by shootings and four double murders last month.

Fatal shootings by the police also declined from 21 in September last year to 12 last month.

Police statistics indicate that 81 persons were shot and injured last month, a 39 per cent drop from the 132 shootings documented in September 2009.

Twelve revolvers, 15 pistols, a submachine gun, one homemade gun and a rifle, a total of 30 guns, were seized last month, 13 less than in September last year. A total of 175 rounds of assorted ammunition were also seized last month.