Hike in flour


The price gone up! That is the song Jamaicans will be singing when it comes on to a lot of food items. With chicken meat price sent to be increased by as much as 10%, flour is hot on its heels, and you know that will automatically reflect on all baked products.

Increases in the price of wheat on the global market have forced the Jamaica Flour Mills to announce a hike in the price of flour effective Monday, October 18.

"There is to be a movement in the price of flour upwards from a low of just under 12% for bakery and just under 18% for counter flour," Derick Nembhard, General Manager of the Jamaica Flour Mills said on Thursday.

The price of baked products is expected to go up as well.

Already the Consumer Affairs Commission says its calculations suggest that the price of baked products such as bread and water crackers will increase by an average 6 to 8%.

Nembhard added that this increase will be last for the rest of the year.

"All things being equal, we do not expect there to be any further adjustment for the rest of the year. However, that only takes us to the end of the year and the way prices are rising right now, we expect slightly higher prices in January and February," he said.