Gregory finally got the peace he was seeking


Yesterday Gregory’s widow Linda was on air with the BBC new and she said her husband may not have gotten the peace he was seeking in life, but he has now finally found the peace he was seeking.

She said he died peacefully at their London home. “He went peacefully, very peacefully; he had been pain-free for weeks and passed on surrounded by his family, including children and grandchildren,” she stated.

She continued: “We were expecting it, he hung on for over a week... he hasn’t suffered; Gregory has found peace finally, a peace he never had while on Earth,” she said.

She said that Gregory, also known as the ‘Cool Ruler’, was only diagnosed with cancer in August of this year. However, he had been ailing from problems with his knees and had difficulty walking.

When asked what was her lasting memory of her late husband, Mrs Isaacs said that there were too many, but said he was a wonderful person who was misjudged by many.