Females want back the video light


This is one time we have to agree with the females and hope they are successful in their fight. According to a story in the Star artistes such as Macka Diamond and others are trying to get their share of the video light.

If you go to the dances these days the video is on most of the male dance crews or men dancing, the poor women can’t even get a chance to bask in the video light.

Well Macka Diamond, ZJ Sparks, Mad Michelle, Lastisha, Myster and other female dancers names were quoted in the story that it’s now their chance to shine in the light.
"Look at the DVDs, look at the videos, look at the parties, everywhere you go di man dem tek ova di ting like a fi dem sitten, so we just decided to do a song and address it. We not trying to cause any controversy, we are just calling a spade a spade," Mystic told the paper.