Dogs kill 3-year-old


We have to admit we could not control the anger after reading about the three-year-old girl who was bitten to death by dogs in St Catherine.

It is sad that the mother left the child in the care of a relative and went to work thinking that her baby was in good hands.

Can you imagine the shock and heartbreak when the news broke that that relative left the house – leaving the child alone so much so that the child wandered outside and was attacked by dogs from a nearby yard.

Our hearts bleed, how that little child must have been crying out from the vicious attack of the dogs. That relative must have been really far away not to have heard the noise and commotion. What bout neighbours, didn’t they find the sounds strange and want to see what was really happening?

What about the dog owners, if he knew the dogs were vicious, why weren’t they chained or locked up?

It is a sad situation all around, the only reality coming out of this mess is that a little innocent angel’s life has been lost.
May we take better care of our children.