David Beckhan named in bizarre lawsuit

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David Beckham’s name has come up in a bizarre lawsuit against a Beverly Hills jewelry designer who is claiming that her millionaire lawyer husband tried to run over Becks at their kids school. Why you ask? Because he falsely accused his wife of having an affair with the soccer stud.

Shery Shabani filed for divorce from her husband, Kambiz, and he was reportedly so angry that he tried to ram into Beckham's car at their children's private school, which happens to be the same school the Beck's kids attend.

Shery, who is a jewelry designer to the stars has actually created pieces for the Beckham's and they are friends. But that's the extent of their relationship according to Shery. Her husband thinks otherwise apparently.

According to Radar Online, who has the court documents Shery says the accusations are "irrelevant and untrue".

"He (Joseph) has accused me of having extra-marital affairs, most often with David Beckham (which is untrue)," Shery says in the docs.

"On my most recent birthday, in front of the children, he yelled at me: "I know why you're upset, it's your birthday and you didn't get a text message from David Beckham!"