Blak Ryno Granted Bail, Calls Corey Todd A Confused Liar


Dancehall deejay Blak Ryno after being detained overnight by the police was released on bail Thursday afternoon.

He is set to go before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate Court on this morning (Friday) to plead his innocence. The artiste whose correct is Romane Anderson said he would like to set the record straight regarding statements echoed in the press by Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd.

In Thursday’s edition of the Jamaica Star Todd was quoted saying “that he and his wife were in the supermarket shopping when his wife was approached by Ryno.

Todd said, "he saw my wife in the store and came to her and said 'is yuh is Corey Todd wife?' She never said anything to him and he later came by the counter where I was cashing and said, 'why yuh nah play my music in da club'?"

According to Todd, Ryno stormed outside and returned with a knife. "He came up to me wid di knife and said '....yuh gonna dead'.

He got in my face and I pushed him off. He pulled the knife and tried coming at me wid it.

I jumped back and grabbed him by the neck and had him on the ground when the security came and he (Ryno) ran and left the knife." Todd said he sustained a minor cut to his back.

Ryno after reading the statement fired back calling Todd a confused liar, “Due to the inclement weather I was at the supermarket with my baby mother doing some shopping for home when he (Corey) confronted me.”

Ryno continued, “Let me ask you Jamaica, why would I without a valid reason attack Corey Todd knowing he is of a larger stature than me compounded by the fact that I would be putting myself, the life of my partner and child at risk? Secondly Corey is not a selector, so why would I be talking to him about music?, finally I had absolutely no dialog with him nor his partner leading up to the altercation“

“I left their musical outfit because I no longer wanted to be associated with that brand, so based on that criterion getting into a confrontation with the same people I’ve been trying to avoid would be cretinous.

Corey was clearly the instigator/villain trying to play the victim. He said he sustained a minor cut, but the official police report stated otherwise. What transpired was merely me acting in self defense”

The article further stated, when asked about Ryno's accusation that his music wasn't being played in the Building Todd said, "Mi nuh know bout dat, it's up to the selectors what gets played, they play what's hot, and he has no hot songs."

A calm Ryno who was being examined by a medical practitioner at the time added, “I have never asked him or anyone else affiliated to that club/camp to play my music at any point, also if what he says is true explain my recent performances in Trinidad, French Guiana, Tobago, Guyana, North and South America etc.

Sadly a lot of what gets played inside that club will never make it pass the Norman Manley International Airport.”

In closing Ryno said he had one final message for Todd stating “Instead of going around trying to create public mischief, crusading against me and my music, he should try and focus on his own business interests and how to make himself a better person in society.”

Ryno also implored all media houses, radio jocks and selectors not to allow this non-Jamaican to continue to create division and rift in our music with his hidden agenda.