Artistes need to step up to the plate


It’s a sad day in Reggae and Dancehall music when a comment like “no creativity” can be made about it.

In an Observer article Jon Baker, band manager for Jolly’s Boys the mento band that topped the Reggae/Dancehall charts attributed this comment to the business.

In the story he was quoted as saying "We going through a stagnation of creativity in Reggae for the last five years. Dancehall artistes sing about the same old stuff. It has not had anything dynamic to crossover into the mainstream”.

"I don't want you to take this in a non-patriotic way but to look at it fairly. When I got requests to do Reggae festivals and to do Reggae press, I vehemently declined the request," he stated.

"I have watched the genre of Reggae stagnate certainly in the last few years and I have seen the perception of the international market look at reggae and say 'that's cool but that niche or specialist'. If we started to position Jolly Boys as Reggae that's would have immediately put the perception of what they are at a disadvantage."

Wow, honestly though, the beats are mostly the same, the business need some new energies and stop cramming so many songs on one beat!