Another show cancelled for Capleton


The fireman receiving more heat from the gay community than he would like.

Threats of protest by gay rights activists have forced the cancellation of a show featuring Jamaican artiste Capelton this weekend in Chicago in the United States.

The Gay Liberation Network's warning of protest against the entertainer's October 9 gig at the Kinetic Playground reportedly led to the operators of the venue calling off the concert.

The group last week sent a letter urging venue owner Jim Gouskos to cancel the show due to Capleton's contentious lyrics referring to gay people.

According to an internet report, some persons also felt the singer's gig was inappropriate following news of a spate of gay young people committing suicide in recent weeks.

This is not the first time that Capelton has faced opposition from international gay rights activists.

In 2005, at least six concert venues in France cancelled shows involving the popular Jamaican singer, whose lyrics, seen as inciting violence against homosexuals, prompted protests by gay rights groups.