437 Persons in 22 Shelters

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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is reporting that approximately 437 persons are being housed in 22 shelters across the island.

The shelters are spread across the parishes of St. James, Trelawny, St. Catherine, Kingston and St. Andrew, Westmoreland and St. Mary.

Shelters opened in St. Catherine are the Shiloh Basic School in Lauriston, Ensom City Primary, Old Harbour High, Faith Fire House on Beacon Hill Road (Thompson Pen), Bog Walk High, Spanish Town Primary, Praise Prayer House, and Clifton Basic School.

Persons in Kingston and St. Andrew may access shelters at the Langston Terrace Community Centre, The Holy Rosary Primary School, The Dunoon Technical High School, First Community Church (Kintyre), St. Michaels and Sandy Park Basic Schools.

Shelters have also been established at Holland High School in Trelawny; Eldin Basic School and Little London, Savanna-La-Mar, and Peggy Barry Primary Schools in Westmoreland; Kirk United Church in St. Mary; and the Granville Training Centre in St. James.

The Ministry of Labour is working feverishly to provide assistance to persons in shelters. Other shelters are on standby and will be opened as soon as the need arises.

To date a total of 128 communities have been affected - 76 by flooding, 6 by landslide, 3 by freak storm, 1 by lightning and 1 by storm surge. The others have not been directly impacted, but have been marooned by landslide or flooding. Central parishes have been the worst affected so far.