ZJ Liquid back on air?

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Seems that ZJ Liquid’s ban from the air will soon be over.

According to a source, Liquid returns to ZIP FM this week after he was suspended in July for playing an expletive on air.

ZJ Liquid was suspended after he played an unedited version of Andrew and Wada Blood's Beggy Beggy on his 'Fresh 2 Death' segment. The ZJ immediately covered up the blunder by switching to another song, but not before it was noticed by a number of listeners.

Playing an expletive on air is in direct violation of the Broadcasting Commission's rules and regulations.

This was the ZJ's second offence since the start of the year. In February, Liquid was suspended indefinitely for playing an unedited version of Aidonia's Love It. The ZJ returned to air a month later.

A Facebook group, 'Put Zj Liquid back on air' was formed shortly after.

The page currently has over 8,000 fans.

On the page, a number of persons were awaiting confirmation as to when and if the Zip Jock would be back on air.

One person commented, "Jah know me radio all a ketch dust, it nuh tun on back from Liquid stop play pon Zip!"

Another person said, "Zip nuh good again without Liquid ... what happen to 'Fresh to Death Wednesday'... how we ago hear di fresh tunes, bossy, bus di youth! We need fi hear Liquid."