Wyclef Jean: Sean Penn ‘Too Busy Sniffing Cocaine’ To See Me In Haiti

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Wyclef Jean lashed out at Sean Penn at a concert in New York on Friday after the actor criticized his bid for President of Haiti.

Sean Penn has one more critic to contend with.

At a concert in New York on Friday, Wyclef Jean suggested the actor’s recreational drug use led to him criticizing the singer’s presidential bid in Haiti, mtv.com reports.

Penn told Larry King last month that he worried the singer’s campaign was simply “about a vision of flying around the world, talking to people.”

He later penned a column for the Huffington Post criticizing the singer for being absent after the January earthquake in Haiti.

“None among us felt or expressed anger toward it, but rather a universal sadness for his silence, as he is America’s most admired cultural link to Haiti,” the actor wrote.

Jean lashed out at Penn’s diatribe while performing his 2004 hit “President” at Hot 97’s On the Reggae Trip last week.

“I got a message for Sean Penn: Maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine,” he sang.