Usain and I are not engaged, says reality star Milan


Leesa Wee Tom, the cutie who plays Milan in the reality show BET’s College Hill: South Beach, told Yardflex in an exclusive interview that contrary to Internet reports, she and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, are not engaged.

“Usain and I are very good friends,” the beauty queen reiterated, flashing her winning smile.

So how does she explain the engagement ring she was pictured wearing last weekend while partying with friends at Fiction night club in Kingston? Or the fact that her name has been called in relation to Usain’s troublesome back injury?

“You know sometimes you have a ring that fits only one finger, well, it’s like that.
It’s really a very nice ring so I was out with friends celebrating winning the Miss Jamzone contest in Guyana and I wore it,” Milan told Yardflex.

“I don’t know who took the photo and put it on the Internet,” she said, adding again, that Usain is her “very good friend”.

However, despite gushing over the ring and describing how exquisite it was, she ducked out of answering if it was Bolt who had bought her what appears to be an engagement ring.
And, interestingly, she wasn’t wearing the ring during the Yardflex interview.

With regards to the back injury suffered by the 100 and 200 metre world record holder, Milan says it had absolutely nothing to do with her.

“As I stepped off the plane in Guyana the other day, people were pushing microphones in my face asking me if I had anything to do with Usain injuring himself. I was so shocked,” she said.

Her reply then was a simple “no comment”.

The 21-year-old, who attended Stella Maris Prep and Immaculate Conception High schools in Jamaica is now in her final year at college in Florida, where she is majoring in journalism. Quite a professional at entering beauty contests, Milan copped the crown at the Miss Jamzone International in Guyana in August.

According to her updated bio, since 1993, she is the first beauty queen to represent Jamaican on an international stage and win.

“The contest was a great. The people of Guyana treated me with lots of affection and even though Miss Guyana was in the contest, they had no problem with me being the winner,” said Milan, who has been entering beauty contests professionally since she was 14.

In between finishing up her degree and entering more beauty contest, Milan is also writing a book, which should be launched early next year.