Talking of Rumour – a why Bounty attack di girl?

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A wha dis wi a hear bout di real reason di Killa attack di girl. Doan quote wi or try mix wi up, but yuh done know sey as wi get it, a suh wi sell it. Suh if any one a unno out di have di full hundred, link wi and help meck wi talk up di tings dem.

Yup from whey one likkle birdie a tell wi, it look like di girl have di real good up good up. Yeah man, cause even dough she a nuh di Killa up front woman, wi hear sey him pass through and si vehicle park up and nuh amount a calling coulda meck she come out, cause yuh done know shi did lock down wid smady.

So when him finally get to har, yuh can imagine how him cross, angry and miserable by dat dey time.

Well, a suh wi get it a suh wi a sell it back to unno.. memba link wi if unno have any more info…cause dis ya one ya hot fi real.