Street Vybes talent search for The Building


So Fresh Fridays is out and now the Gaza team are pushing their own agenda. It will be replaced by Street Vybes Talent Search.

Hmm, makes you wonder, but then again we won’t say anything, if you are the manaher for the Building you can scrap what you want and replace it with whatever you want. We are just saying…

About the talent show it replaced Fresh Fridays, the weekly session hosted by broadcaster Arif Cooper. Now the talent show will be held at the Building every Friday where Kartel will judge to recruit for the Empire.

It is going to be very exciting especially for the upcoming artistes that will compete.

Every Friday a new talent will be chosen and if you are really, that good by the following week, you could get a contract, and a five hundred thousand dollar video and your song could be on radio, wow competitors’ “betta go hard or go home.