Stephen Marley testifies on behalf of Buju


Stephen Marley, son of reggae icon Bob Marley, appeared in court to testify on behal of his friend and colleague, Buju Banton
He said he has known Banton for 19 years and has never known him to be involved with cocaine.

"He's a close friend of mine," Marley said. "I love him."
Marley said Banton is important to Jamaica. Referring to Banton's album "Voice of Jamaica," Marley said, "That really sums up who Buju is to us."
According to prosecutors, Banton introduced Johnson to Thomas, his friend and driver, and then allowed the deal to proceed, keeping himself "in the trenches," away from the action.

The defense contends that although Banton talked a lot and tasted cocaine when the informant surprised him by showing him the drug, he is not a drug trafficker; the deal that transpired among Thomas, Mack and Johnson had nothing to do with Banton.

The trial continues today.