Speaking of taxes

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Big and serious, speaking of taxes, we are curious to find out how the tax administration people arrive at their figures.

From what we understand one of the main things used is the flyers advertising artistes for shows.

Now in our assessment that can’t be an adequate way to arrive at a figure.

Still, it would be a good idea to link with promoters on the shows to see just what they are paying the artistes, then they would know for sure, who are doing it free and who are charging promoters an arm and a leg.

Cause if they are, they should be prepared to pay the big taxes from it. If they ‘reasonable’ then they have nothing to worry about.

Still it is rather unfair to expect artistes to pay from what they are not earning, if they assess too huge a figure, where is the justice in that?

Seems like there is no easy solution to this one.