Roundhead and Twins have beef?


What did wi a read sey Roundhead could be suing the Twin of Twins? Lawks it seems as if wi can enjoy peace and quiet inna di biz fi any length a time before yuh hear bout one nex’ squabble.

From what we a read in di Star it look like Roundhead could be suing di twins because dem imitate him on their CD Stir It Up Vol.8 which was released last year.

According to the report the twins say they recently received a lawsuit from representatives of Roundhead's management team, informing them that they are seeking compensation for intellectual property infringements, royalty and associated fees for their client.

Further claims in the letter are that there was "invasion of privacy through misappropriation of name and imitation of voice, and violation of the right of publicity, i.e. the right of having to control and making money from the commercial use of copyright/trademark owner." In addition, it said, no permission was granted to the twins to use the voice.

The letter also stated that according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and the Intellectual Property laws "in lieu of actual damages the copyright holder is entitled to US$30,000 per infringement or a minimum of US$150,000 for wilful infringement."

Check out di Twins response to the lawsuit in the paper "We will remain undaunted by negative. We respect Roundhead as an elder, we wouldn't disrespect him. We forgive Roundhead fi him ignorance and others too for their selective understanding 'cause dem laugh at other people weh a seh di same thing.”.

"His claims are that we are ridiculing him and that's totally ridiculous. Our intention isn't to bring down. Our thing is depicted from reality.

We specialise in voice imitation. Is still our voice at the end of the day. Wi CD mek him more popular. Dem neva memba him. All him did haffi do is be intelligent and just work wid di flow."

However, when contacted, Roundhead said he could not give any details on the lawsuit as he did not speak to his management team about it.

But big and serious dough, if we neva did a read bout dis lawsuit wi wouldn’t memba sey one artiste name Roundhead. Talking bout dat a wha happening to Ghost and General B. Di group still a gwaan?