Real or Fake? Fantasia Breaks Down on Wendy Williams

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Fantasia continued her cry-fest on Wendy Williams today, talking about her overdose last month.

She was there to promote her album Back To Me, which is currently at #5 on the Billboard Top 200.

Fantasia started in on the tears right away when Wendy asked her, “Did you think about your daughter,” referring to what was going through her head before shoving a fistful of aspirin down her throat.

Fantasia asked for tissues, and responded, “At the time I wasn’t really thinking about anybody.”

She went on, “You see the glitz and the glamour, and you think, ‘They got it, they got it all,’ but a lot of times when you come into this industry, you have people who say they’re there for you, but a lot of times they’re just there to get what they can get.”