Rapper T.I. comeback could be derailed with arrest


While charges have yet to be filed, the case has the potential to put one of music's top names in behind bars yet again.

"We're not making any observations at this time," said Ed Garland, a defense attorney for T.I. "This is an unfortunate occurrence, and we do not know what the outcome will be."

His music label, Atlantic Records, also said it "would be premature to speculate about the current situation given that there is an ongoing investigation of this matter."

Known as the "King of the South," T.I is a top name in hip-hop, and pop. Born as Clifford Harris, he sold millions of albums since his debut and racked up hits like "Whatever You Like" and "U Don't Know Me." He also had top collaborations with artists including Rihanna, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake.

But his celebrated career was put in jeopardy in 2007 when he was caught trying to buy semiautomatic weapons on the way to a BET Awards show.

The Atlanta rapper, who has served time for drug and other offenses, pleaded guilty to weapons charges and served seven months in an Arkansas prison and three months in a halfway house in Georgia.

He was ordered not to commit another federal, state or local crime while on supervised release, or to illegally possess a controlled substance.

He was also told to take at least three drug tests after his release and to participate in a drug and alcohol treatment programme.

(Source: AP)