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New York: Beauty pageants are blazing hot right now, and the most eye-popping of them all, the classy Miss Black Nude America Pageant 2010, is taking place in Jamaica from September 26 to October 3.

The venue is the hypnotically lush paradise resort of Hedonism 11 in Negril, located on the far end of the town’s seven mile white sand beach.

The Miss Black Nude America Pageant as seen on the HBO Real Sex series will bring together the sexiest chocolate ladies from across the United States competing for cash prizes and the coveted crown.

Over the course of this sizzling, draw-dropping weekend, twelve women of color from multiple American cities will compete in several categories of competition: evening wear, swimsuit, talent showcase, dance routine and the all-important nude showcase. A panel of judges will determine the eventual winner.

The pageant is one of the most watched events on HBO, and event founder Delores Dickson says the upcoming show for this year is generating a new wave of media interest with coverage requests coming in from Showtime, Playboy and BET, among others.

“This year, as always, we are putting on a first-class show, and we are thrilled to be taking the pageant to the beautiful island of Jamaica”, Dickson gushed.

She also works tirelessly raising funds for cancer research and she said the idea for creating the pageant was born in 1994 after watching the Miss America pageant one night, and she wanted to do a similarly classy event for women of color, but with a twist.

Hundreds of pageant fans are expected to converge on Negril over the course of the weekend, and guests can participate in a number of activities including fashion shows, pajama parties, body painting, toga parties, wet t-shirt contest and nude volley ball playoffs. Or one can simply daydream under the soul-warming rays of the tropical sun.

Prior to the departure of the twelve delegates to Jamaica, a pre-pageant presentation showcase will take place in Washington, DC.

Hedonism 11 is an all-inclusive playground for pleasure that nourishes the body, the mind, the spirit and the soul.

For over thirty years, this trend-setting resort has shattered inhibitions, pushed the limits of human endurance and brought untold joys and fulfillment to hedonists from all corners of the globe. And all the rumors, legends and myths you've heard about Hedonism are all true!

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  • Renzo

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  • tonyspeed

    they've been prostituting people under-the-covers at hedonism for a long time. what's new? really? you think you can get a job at hedo and be a god-fearing christian...

  • JoJo

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  • JoJo

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