Di homo dem a guh hard


By Buffilous

You si when mi a talk up di tings dem people a cuss mi out bout mi nuh have nuh tolerance and all a dese tings.

Dem all sey everybody have rights and wi fi be more understanding, but di ting whey mi nuh get is what about di people whey dem aabuse rights?

Dem nuh have any?

Teck for example dis battyman whey name Gabriel from downtown. Everybady know him cause unno normally si him a roadside a braid hair and him hand a flash lacka woman wid attitude as him mouth a yap off at 100 miles per hour.

Well mi dung a KPH a look fi one friend whey hospitalize and who unno tink mi si di porter wheel in…yes Gabriel same one.
Suh unno done know sey mi faas aready, so right away mi set about di digging fi find out a wha guh dung and a who brook him up.

From whey mi discover him get beat up by police and him lucky tuh cause mi hear sey di mob dis just lef fi deal wid him proper.
When dem wheel him inna di hospital, yuh shoulda hear him a bawl like dem gal, "Officer a why u handcuff me so tight?

Me never tek no policeman yet. Lord God why u mek me fe f…k batty? Merciful fada yuh shoulda hear him a chat bout how him a fool round bottom from him a 12 year old.

Well before me figet, him get arrested because him rape one likkle bwoy and get di people dem bringle.
Yuh si whey mi a talk bout now, if him waan be gay, dats fine, a fi him business dat, but whey unno sey bout di fact sey one likkle innocent pikney haffi pay di price fi him nastiness?

People talk to mi now!