Barbados PM diagnosed with cancer

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It has been confirmed that Barbados’ Prime Minister David Thompson is suffering from pancreatic cancer.

But his personal doctor, Richard Ishmael, has reported that the Barbadian leader is responding to treatment and is physically well enough to continue leading the country.

In a statement issued this morning Dr Ishmael, who has been Thompson’s doctor for the past 20 years, said the Prime Minister has been undergoing chemotherapy at the New York Presbyterian Hospital to shrink the tumour because it is too dangerous to remove it at this stage.

“After consultation with three world-renowned pancreatic surgeons, it was decided that the best course of action was for him to undergo intense chemotherapy to try to shrink the tumour first to enable its safe removal.

So far he has had four rounds of chemotherapy followed by a repeat abdominal CT scan which has shown a moderate shrinkage of the tumour with no new spread,” he said.

“Because of the intense chemotherapy the Prime Minister has lost a considerable amount of weight.

He also feels tired at times and needs to rest more than usual to regain his strength.

His mind, brain and intellect are as sharp as ever and from a medical standpoint there is no reason why he cannot continue to perform his duties as Prime Minister, albeit at a reduced pace,” Dr Ishmael added.