Anthony Cruz ‘Back Downtown’ and loving it

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Selecting the perfect location for the shooting of his newest video was a no-brainer, singer Anthony Cruz’ confesses. “The single is entitled Back Downtown, so where else would I shoot it but in the heart of Downtown Kingston?” he queried.

It was with gusto that Cruz set out to make his video, arriving Downtown with Asha and the crew from before dawn. However, as the the sun broke through the sky and Downtown awoke from its slumber, Anthony Cruz also awakened to a new revelation.

“Mi neva know say a so Downtown nice,” he said in awe. “Look at all those buildings by the waterfront! I didn’t even know that the Bank of Jamaica building was right there (on Nethersole Place),” Cruz added, explaining that “as a country boy” he only passed through downtown on his way to the airport.

“It was my first real opportunity to explore Downtown and meet the people and it was so inspiring. We really need to build back Downtown,” Cruz declared.

He spoke with pride about the resilience of the people. “Can you imagine a woman selling boil eggs in the early morning amidst the hustle and bustle of people going to work? How many people would think of that?” he asked rhetorically.

Then there was the senior citizen who said he was waiting for an opportunity like this to showcase his dancing skills in a music video and insisted on being transformed into a video vixen on the set of Back Downtown.

“Him baaaad!” Cruz exclaimed. “Asha says there’s no way he could edit him out.”

With Dean Frazer on top of Captain’s Bakery blowing his sax and the song blaring Downtown, it was a sing-along as people stopped what they were doing to absorb the events.

“The people dem endorse the song and everybody was singing it. The women were so affectionate … I sign autograph till my hand hurt,” Cruz declared.

He also had words of praise for the merchant who gave him bags of clothing from his store to give away to the people.

“This was the most memorable video shoot I have ever had,” Anthony Cruz stated, singing the chorus of the song -- People gone back downtown (Downtown nice again/Mi glad how the war ting done (Even though Mama lose her son).

A tribute to the creativity and the tirelessness of the people who live and work downtown, Back Downtown has a feel-good effect which Cruz says was deliberate, as he attempts to highlight the positives of Downtown in this post Tivoli incursion era.