Andrew Tosh pays tribute to his father with Legacy

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Andrew Tosh, the son of the late reggae superstar, Peter Tosh, will on September 28 release his seventh studio album, Legacy, the follow up to his most recent effort, Focus.

Describing the 10-track set as “‘something different and fresh”, Tosh explained that Legacy is an acoustic CD which features covers of the elder Tosh’s more popular recordings.

According to Tosh , it was his manager, Dawn Simpson who came up with the idea of doing a tribute to his father and submit it in time for the Grammys.

“While I was in the middle of working on my album I, my manager Dawn Simpson came up with the idea.

Over a period of time, she would write down in her diary my favorite Peter Tosh songs as I would just start singing songs at random.

When the idea came around to do the album she had six songs and I came up with three more. The track Creation was a request from a family friend,” Tosh explained.

Tosh felt it was important to cover his father’s material at this time, as the time was more appropriate for the message of his late father to be heard. Said Tosh ‘We are in a time of dire need for musical messages with a purpose. Now is the time for Peter Tosh's message to be heard’.

A high profile list of names worked on Legacy. They include Mikey Chung, Winston ‘Bo Pee’ Bowen, Daniel ‘Danny Axeman’ Thompson and Ranoy Gordon. The album was produced by Handel Tucker in collaboration with Simpson and Tosh.

Ky-Mani Marley is featured on Lessons in Life, while Bunny Wailer makes a guest appearance on I Am.

“The album took us thirteen days to complete. We were on a mission and we pulled through even when we were told we couldn’t do it. Dawn is no joke she is one determined manager, when she says we are getting something done consider it done’.

Legacy will be released by Box Ten Entertainment Group in association with Tuff Gong.