Wyclef Faces Jacob The Jeweler Lawsuit For Unpaid Bill


Wyclef Jean is being sued by Jacob The Jeweler, celebrity jeweler to the stars, for an unpaid bill.

It seems that Wyclef owes everybody money and they all are trying to collect after he announced his bid to become the next President of Haiti.

Wyclef reportedly owes the IRS $5 million and now Jacob The Jeweler also wants his money before Wyclef begins financing a Hatian Presidential campaign. According to Jacob & Company, Wyclef has paid for roughly half of the $765,000 worth of jewelery that Jacob The Jeweler made for him. Here's a price list of the items that Wyclef purchased but still owes money for.

Choppard Watch ($225,000)
Ladies Choppard Watch With Diamonds ($45,000)
18KT Yachtmaster Rolex ($25,000)
Diamond Chain 57.00 CT Round Brilliants ($90,000)
CZ Stones For Wyclef Automobile ($5,000)
Jesus Head Diamond ($12,000)
Five Gold Crosses With Chains ($30,000)

Can Wyclef run Haiti if he can't even keep a handle on his own finances?