We rate Lady Saw

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Boy we have to give Lady Saw big props, that girl is super smart!

She went on Twitter and write up a bag a things including that she is single again and loving it.

Right away the media antennae go up and dem call har fi ask bout it and of course she talk that she was just messing around, but in the same story she get to talk about her new lingerie line and new album.

Now what we say is that this is a more creative way to get a write up then staging feuds with each other to stay in the spotlight.

Check out Lady Saw tweet that send out the red flag: "When you give a man second chances over and over again and he [expletive] again and again leave his sorry [expletive]."

Later in the night, she said: "To all Twitter and Facebook informer bring back this to you know who. Am single and loving it."