Stop extorting schools, Holness message to thugs

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Dem people ya really a gwaan bad you know. Imagine preying on students. The government needs to send a strong message.

The Ministry of Education has stepped up the auditing of accounts of several schools in the wake of reports that community dons are targeting Principals as part of extortion rackets.

A tough-talking Andrew Holness, Education Minister, issued a stark warning to racketeers that no attempt will be spared, to stop the shake-down of public schools

Mr. Holness pointed to an instance in which a school principal was fired after he submitted fictitious documents to the ministry for salary payments being made to teachers who did not exist.

This was so he could pay extortionists.

The minister did not name school or the principal involved in the scheme.

“I’m saying to the community dons, leave our schools alone. I’m saying to them, don’t encourage any gangs in our schools … I’m saying to them, respect our teachers … don’t rob our schools,” Mr. Holness said while addressing teachers and administrator of the Steer Town Academy, following a tour of the Mansfield Primary School, a new $200 million educational facility in St. Ann, set to open next month.