Rihanna shows off 15th tattoo


Rihanna has made no secret of her love of tattoos. But with more than a dozen of them etched all over her body, it seems the pop singer may be becoming addicted.

The singer unveiled yet another piece of body art today - the words rebelle fleur, which translates from the French as 'rebellious flower'.

While it's almost impossible to keep count, at just 22 she now has at least 15 of the permanent inkings.

The latest etching joins a series of novelty markings, including recent addition 'always a failure, always a lesson' written back to front on her collarbone.

In March she controversially had a picture of a handgun etched across her ribcage.

Rihanna even has the 11-04-88 birthdate of her assistant, Melissa Forde, written in Roman numerals as XI IV LXXXVI on her left shoulder.

On top of this she boasts a smattering of stars plunging from the nape of the neck down her back, a music note on her right ankle, a Pisces sign behind her right ear, a star in her left ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, and the word shhh.... on her right index finger.

She also has an Arabic phrase on her rib area which translates as Freedom in God, a small skull with a pink bow on the back of her left foot, and love on her left middle finger, a handgun, a henna-style dragon claw and a tribal pattern on her right hand.

The Barbadian singer received her newest inking on a late night date in New York with her new beau Matt Kemp. She was seen with the words written on her neck in pen before her late night trip to the tattoo parlour.

The words may have a deeper meaning to Rihanna, who was pictured hugging and kissing her lover as they looked through a book of designs. Perhaps it's his pet name for the star, who has talked of her devotion to the LA Dodgers player, 25.