Rihanna goes raunchy and phallic in front of young fans


Just two days after music producer Mike Stock slammed the pop charts for being too pornographic for children, Rihanna took to the stage last night and made a rather sexually-suggestive dance move.

The singer grabbed her microphone and used it in a phallic way in front of her young fans at the concert at New York's Madison Square Gardens.

And it only reiterated Mike Stock's point that modern pop culture is 'sexualising' youngsters.

Stock, 58, was one third of the legendary pop factory Stock, Aitken and Waterman, and helped launch the career of Kylie Minogue.

This week he said: 'The music industry has gone too far. It's not about me being old fashioned. It's about keeping values that are important in the modern world.

'These days you can't watch modern stars - like Britney Spears or Lady Gaga - with a two-year-old.”
Although Rihanna, 22, is known for her raunchy dance moves and skimpy, revealing outfits, she does have thousands of young fans, many of whom may have been in the audience in New York last night.
Not that it stopped the singer strutting her stuff in her outfit that left very little to the imagination as she thrust and gyrated on stage.

But it was the suggestive move during the concert - which is part of her Last Girl On Earth world tour - with her microphone that really stood out as she showed no shame while performing it.

(Source: Daily Mail)