No contract, no deposit — Reggae legend Judy Mowatt cancels appearance at Monterey Jazz Fest

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Judy Mowatt, one of the original members of the legendary I-three was scheduled to perform at the Monterey Jazz fest, but sister Judy never even got to leave Jamaica because the promoter, up until the day she was scheduled to leave still was unable to present a contract or a deposit.

According Sister Judy in April of this year Robert Ougie of Ojama productions contacted her in regards to booking shows for the West Coast.

“I verbally agreed to be a part of the show providing the contract details be sent to me via email.

I was originally scheduled to perform here in Jamaica and declined the home-based show to go accommodate the Monterey Jazz Fest. It is standard procedure for a contract and deposit be delivered in a timely fashion.

I encountered several communication issues with the promoters including not responding to phone calls , emails or text messages. The only time I heard from the promoters was regarding the purchase of the airline tickets for myself and my back-up singers the day before I was supposed to leave Jamaica.

My daughter and manager got wind of the situation and intervened immediately via black berry with very little outcome.

I therefore had to notify my singers prior to the flight that we would no longer be heading to the festival since up until the day of travel no contract had been delivered. “

According to the singer, she had prepared herself thoroughly for this event and she extended an apology to all her fans who had turned out for the show.

“To all of my fans and supporters over the years I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for continued loved and support. For my fans over on the west coast, I was very much looking forward to the show since it has been years since I’ve performed there.

I have prepared for this tour mentally, physically and spiritually to share my heart and soul but cannot force what was not meant to be. The all mighty father is the knowing one. The Monterrey Jazz festival is not a charity event and my work over the years has been a gainful employment and was not respected.

“This is not the case with all promoters of course but one must always be cautious at all levels.

What the promoters have done was an attempt to devalue my worth as an artiste but it was unsuccessful.

He has also tried to cover his tracks by lying about the situation, but that too was unsuccessful. Again thank you all for your ongoing love and support always. One love.”