Mavado blamed for inciting crowd


Kerwin Bollers, of Hits and Jams Entertainment, has said that the organizers were not on top of security during recent concerts staged as part of the ‘Jamzone Summer Break Weekend.’

The promoter said Hits and Jams received no reports about cars being vandalized, but that they were aware of security breaches inside the stadium, “some of which were beyond our control.”

He said the company imported security rails from Trinidad and Tobago to secure the VIP area, and that it managed to hold off crowds until Jamaican singer, Mavado performed.

Bollers said security systems were in place, but there were also emergency changes and many of the details changed from time to time for “various reasons.”

He said the Guyana Police Force, which was working with Hits and Jams, was forced to change the security arrangements because of the large number of government officials and dignitaries who turned out.

“We invited a lot of them, but we didn’t expect that they would all come,” he added.

Mavado was responsible for the security breach in the VIP area, according to Bollers.

He said the Jamaican singer encouraged people to “come over the rails” while he was on stage and what ensued was a mad rush by hundreds of persons to get closer.

“This is when things went wrong and we tried to control what was happening at the time, but the rail system couldn’t hold off the amount of people that were pushing it,” he said.

According to Bollers, the team was contemplating whether to call an abrupt halt to the show at that stage because they had feared “several things.”

However, a decision was taken to let the show continue since the sudden halt might have triggered something major. He said that certain elements used that opportunity while in the VIP area to rob others.

Bollers disclosed that his team had particular concerns for the Mavado show because of the “type of following that Movado has,” so they worked on keeping security strict.

The focus was to keep
Based on reports reaching Stabroek News, close to 100 vehicles were stripped and valuables stolen during the string of events promoted by Bollers‘ company; many at the parking lot adjacent to the Guyana National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara, where concerts were held.

Confirmed reports also indicated that patrons were robbed in the VIP area while Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado was on stage, headlining the Regional Night concert at the stadium.

Bollers referred to the robberies as “unfortunate,” saying that they have since apologized to the patrons who approached them.