Lady Saw releases single from new album

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Great party vibes, walk-out and never get tired, girls' anthem and independent woman are all saucily packaged in Party Til December, the lead-off single from Lady Saw's soon-to-be-released album, My Way, on her new label, Divas Records/Toasting Music/Universal.

Armed with a rollicking, uptempo riddim, Lady Saw, steps to it as only she can and with one press of a button fires off lyrics which are she says are sure to have all the single ladies — and some of those 'in a relationship' — making that quantum leap from the boredom of a bedroom to the dazzle of a dance floor.

And, as infectious as the riddim is, Party Til December is one of those songs that make the listener also want to hear the lyrics.

According to Saw, who wears her producer hat on this track from the album, due in stores September 7, Party Till December was one of the first songs she did for the album and while working on the project it was her favourite, until it was replaced by others.

Saw surmised that the single's crossover potential could have played a role in the decision-making process. Party Till December is quite a club banger and is also a true girls' anthem, the type which has been gaining popularity with fans internationally.

The album, My Way, also has productions from Tony 'CD' Kelly, Lloyd 'John John' James, Danny Browne and Stephen McGregor. Among the other tracks are Every Way Mi Go, Your Chick, He Is At My House (Featuring Eve), My Way, Me Hold Yuh, Muscle Control (with Camar) and I Can't Wait (Featuring Ding Dong).