Careful who you dagger

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The daggering thing doan good, cause sometimes it might just cost you your life. According to a report in the paper an eighteen year old lost his life as a result of the wrong alliance.

Seems that he ‘daggered’ his enemy’s woman and ended up being stabbed to death.

Allegations are that he was stabbed and killed while at a river party on Sunday, supposedly over an argument about a girl with whom one of the men was dancing.

The teenager was reportedly stabbed then pronounced dead at the Port Antonio hospital following an altercation with another man while they were patrons at a dance at Rivers View, Rio Grande Valley, in the parish early Sunday morning.

Police sources from the division reported that they have heard the two men were at odds for a while and have had previous run-ins with each other.

Their paths crossed again while at the party and are said to have become involved in a heated argument, after one of the men was seen 'daggering' a female said to be a close friend of the other.

"Investigations are ongoing but nothing is confirmed just yet.

But based on what we have heard so far the two men had been at odds for a while now and things boiled over while they were at the party," a detective corporal from the parish said when contacted yesterday.

"We heard that one saw the other dancing with a woman said to be close to the other and that started the argument. This is one of the arguments we will be looking into."

A 20-year-old who was taken into custody was not charged up to press time last night.