Buy yuh patwah Bible tiday


The first book of the patois version of the Holy Bible goes on sale today.

The creative minds behind the controversial project to translate the Bible into patois -- and which is costing millions of dollars -- launched the Book of Luke in patois yesterday at the Portmore Gospel Assembly in Passagefort.

The service was conducted in the Jamaican creole and the Bible Society of Jamaica seems pleased with their project. There will be a public education drive to sensitize the public and help them to read the patois Bible.

The expected completion date of the entire Bible into Jamaican Creole is 2012, to coincide with Jamaica 50 Independence celebrations.
The entire Patois Bible is expected to be completed in 2012 when Jamaica celebrates its 50th anniversary as an independent nation.

The Bible Society said it hopes to that the project will inspire Christians to be more "confident and mature" in their faith, as some are still challenged to worship in a way that is culturally relevant and authentic.