Bob Marley t-shirt incident results in court case


A Canadian man says he is planning to file a human-rights complaint against an amusement park in the United States after security guards told him to cover up his Bob Marley t-shirt or leave the premises.

Brunaud Moise, 32, is seeking moral and punitive damages from the six flags-owned park as well as reimbursement for two entry tickets and a public apology for himself, his brother and Bob Marley’s family.

However, the amusement park insists it did not have a problem with the shirt's portrait of the late reggae legend, just the cluster of green, marijuana-shaped leaves that surround it.

Mr. Moise argues, however; that security staff singled him out because they associated a black man wearing a Bob Marley shirt with something criminal.

His attorney has noted that what happened to his client is more than unfortunate and is a violation of his human rights.

Six Flags operates nineteen amusement parks across North America.