Beenie and Bounty di wholesome twosome


Wha really a gwaan?

All of a sudden the Docta and the Killa turn best friend? After dem spen so much years a war wid each odder over the music, den a in between dat a whole new war did bruk out ova D'Angel, and now the two a dem a look a new type a hype offa each dder.

Wha day yah inna Negril Bounty gi Beenie a call up pon stage and dem puddong a tune-fitune medley dat did bad like wow.

And di odda night a di two a dem again pon stage together ova Fully Loaded and a gwaan like dem waan tek ova di show. And last night (Sunday) it was di two a dem again ova Little Miss Bus Ride a James Bond Beach. Dem draw bare ole tune and mash up di place.

Bwoy dis yah twosome yah nuh at all. It look like dem haffi go bring D'Angel inna di mix and just mek it a threesome and dun.