Reggae Sumfest 2018

A di wuss album release party wi eva guh

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Bwoy wi haffi sey dat we lose affo Gyptian star.

Di man invite di media out fi come a him album release party a Pollyana Caterers and di invitation sey 6:30 pm. Well thru wi done know how dem tan and love start late wi reach bout 7:30 and mi almost duh one about turn when wi realize si about three a wi inna di venue.

Alright, wi sey wi done deh deh aready so meck mi jamz off fi a next half hour and si wha happen. Bout after 8 a clock RJR people dem leave, soon afta RE TV people dem leave, den Nationwide news follow.

Mi sey a wha dis to rhatid, still no sign a Gyptian dem MC go up and meck announcement sey him close by bout 9:00 pm and dem a guh start soon. Mi sey alright den, mi dun deh deh aready.

But when ti touch 9:35 yuh know a who cut – mi! A ediot ting him kip up wid media, a time fi wi stop support dem deh kinda almshouse. When people call press conference and nuh member fi turn up on time dem fi come si one empty place. Straight!

Reggae Sumfest 2018


Reggae Sumfest 2018