' Duppy know who to frighten,’ John Junor says of Butch Stewart

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Hotelier Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart has earned the ire of former government minister John Junor for his no-holds-barred attack on Tourism Minister, Ed Bartlett, last week.

Stewart, who is the government-appointed head of JAMPRO, criticized Bartlett for his handling of tourism and said the minister was “yapping” away and had no understanding of the tourism industry.

According to Junor, who has served the People’s National Party under the leadership of PJ Patterson, “Duppy know who to frighten. Him (Butch Stewart) couldn’t tell me that.”

Junor, who was addressing a meeting of PNP supporters in South East St Andrew on Sunday evening, was clearly upset at what he called the disrespectful manner in which Stewart dealt with the minister.

"Edmund Bartlett is a member of the Cabinet of his country and is entitled to be treated with respect," Junor emphasized.
He further noted that the atmosphere had to be conducive for any kind of meaningful discussions to take place.

"Our public debate in this country cannot be characterised by running away from the issues or, as some have done recently, to elevate public discussion to a cuss-cuss ,” John Junor observed.

At a meeting last week, Butch Stewart had the following advice for Minister Edmund Bartlett: "My word of advice to Bartlett is to stop yapping and start fixing the operations side, which is making us less able to develop the quality tourism product we have and the competitiveness that we need."