Vybz Kartel to be questioned again today


The Portmore Empire, Gaza leader, Vybz Kartel will again be questioned by the cops after turning in himself on Friday.

He is expected to be questioned about involvement in gun runnings and involvement in a rival gang in Portmore.

His lawyers are confident he is not involved. We await the outcome of the police questioning.

A who Etana Married to?

From di people dem read di story in di Star that Etana married dem just a send on di questions dem to wi and win uh have nuh ansa fi dem.

Dem waan fi know a who Etana married to? Well win uh know, wi only know dat she was dating Marlon Davis, so we don’t know if it go all di way.

Yardflex peeps, we have to turn to you guys for the information. If you know, then holla at us that the curious can get the answer they are seeking.